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United Heat Exchanger is a manufacturers for Heat Exchangers and Pressure vessel. Our Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers Design Process Contains Two Parts - Thermal and Mechanical Design.

Thermal Design:

1. Consideration of Process Fluids in both Shell and Tube Side,
2. Selection Of Required Temperature Specifications,
3. Limiting the Shell and Tube side Pressure Drop,
4. Setting Shell and Tube Side Velocity Limits,
5. Finding of Overall Heat Transfer Co-efficient of the Heat Exchanger using Appropriate Co-relations.
6. Finding Heat Transfer Area Including Fouling Factor.

Mechanical Design

1. Selection of TEMA Layout – Based on Thermal Design
2. Selection of Tube Parameters - Size, Thickness, Layout, Pitch, material
3. Limiting the Upper and Lower Design on Tube Length
4. Selection of Shell side Parameters – Material Baffle Cut, Baffle Spacing, and Clearances
5. Thermal conductivity of tube material.
6. Setting upper and Lower Design Limits on Shell Diameter, Baffle Cut, Baffle Spacing.